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Our Tribe

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

-Buddhist proverb

Dharma Richards
Dharma RichardsProprietoress & Director
Heather Cassese
Heather CasseseInstructor
Brittney Powell
Brittney PowellInstructor
Stephanie Hutcherson
Stephanie HutchersonInstructor
Pablo Escalera
Pablo EscaleraInstructor
Deborah Dixon
Deborah DixonInstructor & Reiki Master
Melissa Feimster Lido
Melissa Feimster LidoInstructor
Jon-Erik Lido
Jon-Erik LidoInstructor
Suzanne Murley
Suzanne MurleyInstructor
Brittany Laxton
Brittany LaxtonInstructor
Pam Callaway
Pam CallawayInstructor
Anna Polinski
Anna PolinskiInstructor
Heather Blanchard
Heather BlanchardInstructor
Laura Funk
Laura FunkInstructor
Sally Raspberry
Sally RaspberryInstructor