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Our Tribe

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

-Buddhist proverb

Dharma Richards
Dharma RichardsProprietoress & Director
Heather Cassese
Heather CasseseInstructor
Brittney Powell
Brittney PowellInstructor
Stephanie Hutcherson
Stephanie HutchersonInstructor
Pablo Escalera
Pablo EscaleraInstructor
Connie Bisesi
Connie BisesiInstructor
Deborah Dixon
Deborah DixonInstructor & Reiki Master
Melissa Feimster Lido
Melissa Feimster LidoInstructor
Jon-Erik Lido
Jon-Erik LidoInstructor
Suzanne Murley
Suzanne MurleyInstructor
Brittany Laxton
Brittany LaxtonInstructor
Pam Callaway
Pam CallawayInstructor
Anna Polinski
Anna PolinskiInstructor
Heather Blanchard
Heather BlanchardInstructor
Anne Bequet
Anne BequetInstructor
Natascha Barnes
Natascha BarnesInstructor
Jaime Warkonyi
Jaime WarkonyiInstructor